Duesey D’Arts

Duesey D'Arts Art Show 2018

Saturday, July 14

11:30 - 3:00

This year will be an Open Show.
There will be no judging.
There will be a People’s Choice Award.

Participants are allowed one entry in each of 3 categories (please do not enter anything copied or from a kit.)

2-Dimensional: should be no larger than 18'' x 24'' with mounting (on tag board or frame) [drawing, painting, collage, photography, or computer art].
(If larger please contact the library)

3-Dimensional: should be no larger than 12"x 12" x 12" [can be made from clay, wood, metal, papier-mâché, or found objects].
(If larger please contact the library)

Craft: includes things that are created from a learned and teachable skill such as textiles and wood working.

Drop Off Entries Thurs., July 12th between 12 pm & 7:30 pm.

All entries need to be picked up the following week: July 16—July 21

To enter a piece of art, please  fill out the form below.

Art Show Entry form