The Garner Public Library promotes an enjoyable learning experience and provides collections of resources to enrich the lives of all members of our community.


The Library Board of Trustees has selected two main service responses for the Garner Public Library:

  • Current Topics and Titles
  • Lifelong learning

In an effort to meet these roles, the library shall:

  • Assemble, preserve and administer an organized collection of educational and recreational library materials.
  • Provide an opportunity and encouragement for children, young people, men and women to educate themselves continuously.
  • Provide an opportunity for recreation through the use of literature, music, videos, and other art forms.
  • Identify community needs, provide programs of service to meet such needs, and cooperate with other organizations, agencies, and institutions which can provide programs or services to meet community needs.
  • Serve the community as a center of reliable information.