Room Rental

The Garner Public Library has two rooms that are able to be rented.

These are the Senior Citizens Center and the smaller conference room.

The Senior Citizen Center and the conference room will be available on equal terms to all groups in the community regardless of the beliefs and affiliations of their members. The intended use of the room is to provide a community meeting place.

To eliminate scheduling conflicts, advance arrangements must be made with the Librarian in writing or by phone. Any organization or individual desiring to use the room on a weekly basis must obtain approval from the Library Board of Trustees. Any changes in regularly scheduled meetings should be brought to the Librarian's attention as soon as possible.

There will be no charges for Civic, Non-profit, and senior citizens organizations; however, donations will be gladly accepted. Charges will be assessed for functions of a "private nature" (i.e. which are not open to the general public). This includes showers, birthday parties, sorority parties, and homemakers groups. A deposit fee will be paid in advance with a rental fee paid when the key is picked up. The deposit fee will be returned once the event has taken place and everything is in order. Profit making activities will not be allowed. This does not include such activities as bake sales which are sponsored by a non-profit organization. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

All groups making use of the room will exercise reasonable care to insure that furniture, equipment, fixtures and/or appearance of the library building and rooms are not damaged in any way. Compensation for any damages will be determined by the Library Board.

A key is required for meetings which begin or end during periods when the library is not open. The person in charge of reserving the room should pick up the key in advance and return it in the book drop after locking the building.

In accordance with state law regarding smoking in public buildings, smoking is prohibited in any and all areas of the library building and Senior Citizen Center.


Monday - Friday: half-day $30.00          full day $60.00

Saturday - Sunday: half-day $45.00          full day $90.00